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Honored to be included in this article on Senior Living

Honored to be included in this article on Senior Living

Here is my contribution:

Plan Ahead and Do Your Research

For many, anything related to the health industry can seem confusing and complicated. As we age, the need to understand healthcare costs and insurance coverage increases, but it can be difficult to understand all the facets involved with being a senior. That’s why Mary the Medicare Lady goes above and beyond to educate and help senior citizens.

“I love helping people of all ages find ways to save money on their prescriptions – they don’t even have to be a client of mine,” stated Mary Hiatt, Retirement and Insurance Advisor. “I’m a member of a Pharmacist-led organization whose sole purpose is to help agents design a strategy of sourcing more affordable options.”

Mary educates her clients to help them make decisions. “I want my clients to choose options based on what is best for their unique situation, not based on what a friend or a family member has chosen. I’ve even had husbands and wives in the same household sign up for different plans because that’s what made the most sense financially.” Mary’s clients become her friends and they know they can text, call or email her anytime. Periodically, Mary also sends emails and physical mail reminding clients to use their plan benefits and advise them of upcoming changes. Annually, she schedules meetings to review prescriptions and doctors, as laws and insurance plans change every year.

Being a senior citizen, or caring for one, means needing to be informed about the ever changing aspects of healthcare. Finding information you can trust can be challenging, but there are resources like Mary the Medicare Lady available to help you with every step.

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