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Testimonials for Mary the Medicare Lady

Veteran Larry M

Mary is FABULOUS. As a military retiree, I thought Part A & B with Tricare for Life (TFL) and the VA, were the benefits I had available to me. Mary enlightened me about Medicare Advantage Honor Plans and how I can have them in addition to TFL. Mary's courteous approach and vast knowledge were a Godsend. If you are a veteran approaching Medicare eligibility, give Mary a call, you'll be glad you did!!!

Patricia N

Mary was extremely helpful in walking me through multiple options in transitioning to Medicare and the various health insurance options and supplements as I left my private insurance that I had while self-employed. She helped me months prior in transitioning to Medicare, reminding me of various dates, implications of various options and deadlines (or not meeting them!) and spent a great deal of time with me. She pursued my questions and options specific to my needs. An awesome and personal professional. I am extremely happy!

Veteran Ronald C

Mary was awesome in getting my reimbursement of 3900 for dental work in a timely manner.

P Ybarra

Mary was helpful explaining our options. Love her!